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New Mexico’s school counselors provide a comprehensive and high-quality program to proactively and equitably address the academic, career, and social/emotional development of students. 

Collaboratively partnering with students, parents, educators and other stakeholders, counselors strive to maximize the potential of all students and ensure they develop the competencies necessary to be self-directed, responsible citizens in a diverse and ever-changing society. 


The New Mexico School Counselors’ Community of Best Practice was developed in a collaborative effort between the College and Career Readiness Bureau of NMPED and NS4ed to provide additional support to school counselors in the state of New Mexico.  

The purpose of this community is to encourage collaboration around information and resources that support best practices in school counseling that are anchored within three key domains of development: academic, career, and social/emotional. 

As a central objective of this community, emphasis will be placed on career development with the provision of quality training, tools, and resources that support career advising with students via the effective use of regional labor market data within the New Mexico Career Pathways dashboard (


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New Mexico Career Pathways Resources

An innovative approach to labor market information for educators.
Gain awareness of the top career clusters and pathways that offer high-value career destinations for students.
Preview the 16 Career Clusters and the local regional labor market dynamics within your school district.

Reports by district, career cluster and pathways, including instant Perkins V reports and career cluster maps.

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